Prices range from $800 to $2,000 for puppies, however, we do occasionally have older puppies for less. Please contact us with questions.


Some important information about the color "Sable":
1. Silver sable puppies go through a stage when their haircoat is yellowed. This is to be expected. Their colors commonly do not clean up to a true silver until they are nearly one year old. It is typical with young sable puppies that the black tipping which makes a silver sable gorgeous is not present. Black tipping will be reappearing by the age of 4 months but will not be complete until they are at least 5 months old.
2. It is difficult to get true color on the silver dogs in photographs.
3. All sable puppies lose their black tipping in early puppyhood, and it always returns. When looking at sable puppies, one has to always remember this: Black/tan puppies will lose black, and gain tan, throughout their lives. Sable dogs, as a general rule, gain considerable black tipping after one year of age. In other words, sable dogs nearly always darken with age while black/tan dogs lighten with age.



Welcome to our website! If you are looking for something special, please contact us and we will let you know if it will be available soon. If there are enough requests for a certain breeding or type, we will arrange a breeding for that.

To reserve a puppy, the deposit is $200 and non-refundable. Purchase is $800 to $850 plus 7% sales tax which we are required by law to collect -- FOR IN-STATE PICKUP AT THE KENNELS ONLY. Please contact us either by email or call Rachel at 317-460-0073 for more information.

Due to recent changes in the laws, we are no longer shipping any dogs or puppies out of state. Nor will we do any third party sales. We realize this may be difficult for those Raebark friends who have had puppies shipped in the past but it is no longer possible. We still welcome those from out of state who wish to make the trip here and pick out their puppy. Thank you for your understanding.


Pup out of Bracer and Flicka:

Black and tan female:


Pups out of Gaiter and Icy:

Sable female:

White male:

White female:


Pups out of Nailer and Donna:

Black and tan female:

Black and tan female:

Tan Sable male:


Tan Sable females out of Bracer and Dolly:


Pup out of Lancer and Ariana:

Sable female:


Pups out of Knight and Stormy: Sable male:

Sable female:

Silver sable female:



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